Gaming Goes Indie

By Drew McLachlan Thirty years ago, if you wanted to create a video game, you started by clearing space in your garage. You had to make some room — for a couple Apple II's, a BBC Microcomputer (if you were lucky), or a Tandy TRS-80 (if you weren’t). You also needed a guy who could turn a six-colour, 280x192 resolution sprite into a convincing minotaur, another guy who could force the occasional beep-bip-beep out of a one-bit audio digitizer, and a 30-pound textbook on 6502, the programming … [Read more...]

Gottacon plays on

By Michael Calvert An assembly of nations is coming to BC’s capital, Victoria, February 1st through 3rd. Five fervid subcultures will gather in the Pearkes Recreation Centre, each with its own jargon and essential accoutrements. They will come to fraternize, to glean new strategies, to prove their skills in tournaments, and, of course, to play. They are coming to GottaCon 2013, one of the largest gaming conventions in Canada. Now in its fifth year, GottaCon has steadily grown from its … [Read more...]

Blood, Magic and Mud

By Drew McLachlan It’s well past one o’clock on a Monday afternoon, and Jacob Scheibel is wearing pajama pants and an Iron Maiden t-shirt. He opens up the hatch of his Jeep and unzips a black hockey bag that takes up most of the trunk. The first thing he shows me is a mace, a single-handed weapon that medieval knights once used to bludgeon opponents to death. The shaft isn’t much longer than a foot, with a slim, four-flanged head on one side and a pummel the size of a mallet on the other. A … [Read more...]