Private Function

By Mary Fraughton I walk around the main hall, keeping carefully to the edges. When I trod on someone’s toes, I turn to apologize and nearly collide with an elderly man who is wearing nothing but a red g-string. Several feet in front of me is a massage table with another naked man lying on it. A woman works busily above him, and it takes me a moment to realize that she is wrapping him in saran wrap. He resembles nothing so much as a plastic mummy. Further into the hall, two women face each … [Read more...]

Private Function (Part Two)

Sarah is jumping with excitement when we wrap up there. She drags me over to the sandwich table again. The next workshop, she explains, is by the man who runs “Bound2Please” — a Vancouver Island based company that makes floggers and restraints. She works for him, enjoys working with the leather and suede. His name is Gord, and he will walk us through the proper use of various floggers, paddles, whips and canes, with Sarah as his assistant. “I’ll be mostly naked,” she says, not seeming to mind … [Read more...]