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Powerful, and Stigmatized, Breeds

By Sheena Gnos Imagine walking in a park on a beautiful day. The sun is shining and you're basking in the summer heat, minding your own business. Suddenly, from around a corner, comes a Rottweiler. He’s bounding across the grass in great leaping strides, ears back, mouth gaping wide. What do you do? Is your heart in your throat? Do you step back and look around frantically for the owner? Now imagine that same scene -- park, sun--  but this time from around the corner comes a golden … [Read more...]

Prettynormal Activity

By Drew McLachlan “I could feel . . . something — like I was being watched.” Willow Friday opened Iron Oxide, an arts supply store in Nanaimo, on January 6th. It wasn’t her first business -- she has operated the House of Indigo Boutique since 2002 -- but she was nonetheless excited to see a second dream come true. So when she first received the keys to the building last May, she invited a group of friends to come see it and help her make plans. “One of my friends instantly had this untoward … [Read more...]

What the hell was I thinking?

Editor's note: This powerful account of an alcoholic binge contains graphic images and language that may be disturbing to some readers. For some, it may also provide inspiration to change. The author's name is a pseudonym. By Jack Craig Believing even a little that I’m just like those fun people I‘ve seen drinking in television commercials is like masturbating: I’m only fucking myself. Watching a movie on Netflix would be much easier than writing this piece, but it’s time to fess-up. … [Read more...]

The Youngest Ventriloquist in the World

By Alexandria Stuart The air in England’s West Midlands in 1907 was thick with the dust of coal fires. Once-white bedclothes, hung to dry, took on a shadowy tinge of grey. In a Birminghan home, in a spartan bedroom, the figure seated in a straight-back wooden chair towered over Ivy Johnson. The little girl stretched to reach her arm into the slit at the back of its shirt. Her small hand worked the lever, squeezing it to make the mouth move. Down the hall, her grandmother heard voices … [Read more...]