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Gutenberg 2.0

By Mike Calvert Ten years ago, the aspiring writer’s dream was simple. Spend two years of your life in hibernation writing a 300-hundred page novel, scrounge up a few dollars from the few friends who still knew you existed, print and mail copies of your manuscript to publishers across North America, and then pray. Pray that out of every 200 poor souls doing the same thing – let’s call them “authors” – you’d be the one lucky and good enough to make it to print. And if you turned out to be … [Read more...]

Gutenberg 2.0 (Part Two)

For writers reluctant to sell their autographed first edition of Tolkien's Smith of Wootton Major to finance their authorial endeavours, a new form of self-publishing has emerged over the last five years. E-publishing is an immensely growing business model, and a big cause of consternation within the industry. But it is also the cause of much delight. Hille calls this the “Golden Age of self-publishing.” With e-publishing, however, you really are going it alone. No editors, no design team, no … [Read more...]

My cob is my castle

By Meagan Dyer Out with the old, in with the alternative. That’s the sentiment of many Vancouver Islanders who have opted to build out-of-the-ordinary homes that suit their lifestyles and values. Alternative housing projects are growing in popularity across the West Coast. In an era of soaring real estate costs, exorbitant energy prices, and environmentally-conscious home owners, these projects are instigated from both desire and necessity. Whether it’s an individual earthen cottage … [Read more...]